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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas is here. The older I get, the faster the time seems to go. I’m sure I was only just wrapping up presents for last year!

Christmas at Blind River is pretty quiet – in fact it’s a fairly quiet time in the wine industry in general, but many are bottling and carrying out general winery maintenance.  And not a day goes past without (unsolicited) applications for harvest jobs! Young people interested in the New Zealand wine industry are emailing from all over the world in the hope of gaining a position during the frantic harvest weeks when wineries take on more people. It’s brilliant to think that so many want to come to New Zealand to learn about our wines. Here at Blind River we are such a small team and for harvest we really only take on one or two more. Whilst I try to reply to every email, the ones I prioritise are those who have actually researched Blind River (or have at least looked at the website!) and have sent an individual email rather than a generic one to all wineries at the same time.

Although we’re in a cool spell at the moment, the risk of spring frost has diminished and the vineyards are looking very healthy. Spring frost did hit the Marlborough area last month though, with many growers losing productivity as a result. The Blind River vineyard is in a sheltered location and we have never (touch wood!) been struck by frost. Long may this continue!
Porky and Martha, our two falcons have only produced one chick this year. They have reverted to nesting on the ground again so we are in fear for the chick, although it can’t be too long before he/she is ready to fly. They grow very fast. You can keep up with progress via our Facebook page.

I’m excited to report that we have received our first order for Hong Kong! It’s great to think that Blind River will be available at Watson’s Wine – the most prestigious and well-known wine stores in the region. I visited there in May last year and I look forward to going back in 2016 to support the Watson’s team.

Blind River’s Tekau, our very special wild ferment, barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc has been selected for sale by two wonderful locations in Central Otago. Blanket Bay is consistently voted one of the world’s best Lodges by many prestigious publications organisations such as Conde Nast Traveller, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Virtuoso and Small Luxury Hotels of the World, to name just a few. We are delighted that visitors to Blanket Bay can now enjoy this wine!

The other location is the wonderful Saffron in Arrowtown, near Queenstown. This exceptional restaurant is one of New Zealand’s best and under Chef/Owner Peter Gawron, offers an outstanding menu and wine list, coupled with a relaxed atmosphere.  A glimpse at the menu and I think the Duck & Macadamia nut Larb, accompanied by a Thai salad with fresh Coconut, Mint, Lemon grass, Mango, Lime leaf and Coriander would be the perfect partner for Tekau!