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Five trophies at the International Wine Challenge, London - May 2016

h1>Five trophies at the International Wine Challenge, London​

May - 2016

After the initial burst of disbelief, then excitement – it was actually quite humbling to receive five trophies for our Blind River Sauvignon Blanc 2015 at London’s international Wine Challenge last month. Five trophies at one event – perhaps you can understand the disbelief? And the excitement?

The International Wine Challenge is widely accepted as the world's leading wine competition. Each medal-winning wine is tasted blind on three separate occasions by at least ten different judges.

The disbelief was just the shock I think – we certainly know that the Blind River vineyard produces outstanding Sauvignon Blanc and our winemaking practices merely guide the characteristics into the bottle (via the 10% fermented in old French barrels).

I think the ‘humbling’ bit is because we are a very small team of people and we do everything ourselves, hands on…we’re a pretty quiet, unassuming lot who just enjoy our work (actually I’m referring mainly to the vineyard and winemaking team – us marketing types are a bit louder!)

We were notified of the gold medal and I was so pleased I rattled out a Media Release. Little did I know that only a week or so later I’d be sending another one, signally our trophy successes! So what did we win?

  • Awatere trophy

  • Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc trophy

  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc trophy

  • New Zealand White Wine trophy

  • International Sauvignon Blanc trophy

Trophy Certificate

Trophy Wine Winner
International Challenge, London 2016


We also received a ‘Best Value’ award.

So, I am dusting off my frock and heading to the dinner in London being held at the Hilton, Park Lane on 7th July. No, it’s not in the budget, but this is one of those ‘just got to be there’ events especially as they’ve asked to pour our wine – one of only four white wines being served during the evening.

I’m excited to do two days’ work in Hong Kong on the way with our new partner there, Watson’s Fine Wines and I’ll visit a number of Majestic stores in the UK’s South East – Majestic are Blind River’s sole importer and retailer.

2015 Sav-933-521-588

Blind River
Sauvignon Blanc, 2015


I think I might need a new pair of shoes…