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What people are saying about Blind River...

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We also have enthusiastic followers around the world who have kindly taken the time to put pen to paper to tell us why they enjoy our wines.  We’d like to introduce them to you...

‘Blind River Pinot Noir 2013: So scented you could dab it behind your ears - lacy, delicate and with fabulous fruit.’

Olly Smith, UK wine writer and Presenter, October 2014

“Your wines were the standout for me at the recent Vintage Cellars International Wine Fair.  I head a small group of 'winos' who meet monthly and I have been raving about Blind River to the group.”

Paul Brettell, Australia

“On the basis that love should be spread... I totally LOVE your Blind River Sauvignon Blanc.  What a gorgeous wine that hits you in the face with gooseberry and then kisses the senses in lapping waves of passion fruit and citrus. Bloody brilliant!  I am a very happy person with a glass of this in my hand.” 

Mary Harper, Scotland

“I am just writing a quick note to say thank you for making such fantastic wines.  You make my life so easy as whenever I recommend your wines the customer always comes back and asks for more.  Personally the 2008 is the best sauvignon I have ever tasted and the pinot is up there with the top Burgundy.  So thank you and keep up the good work.”

Daniel Gadsby, UK

“I LOVE your wine!  I live in the UK but am home in NZ in 2 weeks and HAVE to have a supply for when I get there.  My trip home would not be complete without it!  The UK seems to have sold out – everyone who tries it LOVES it!” 

Amanda Jones-Prichard, UK

“If anyone in the Loire gets hold of a bottle of Blind River they might just realize they’re better off growing turnips than grapes given the growing disparity in quality, value and reliability between Sancerre and Marlborough.  And of the Kiwis, I think Blind River is the best, ahead of Cloudy Bay, Wither Hills and Villa Maria – an astonishingly good wine.”

Paul Oaks, Liverpool

“Your wine is superb and I need more of it!”

Jeremy Lewis, UK

“On a recent trip to the UK we discovered your Sauvignon Blanc and drank it as often as we could.  It’s fabulous!  Do you have an agent in Ontario, Canada from whom I could buy a case?  If not, is there anyone in New York state in the USA?  It’s a quick trip for us and would be well worth it.”

Cathy MacDonald, Canada

“The second bottle was shared with very good friends down in Queenstown last week. That proved your Pinot was superior to anything from Central Otago!”

Paul Haywood, New Zealand